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Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids

One of the most exciting times of the holiday season is seeing kids’ faces light up with joy as they unwrap all the exciting goodies and presents. But sometimes figuring out what exactly to get the little ones can be a challenging task! We’ve rounded up the top stocking stuffer ideas for kids of all ages this season.

Sunprint Paper

Kids can put an object (like a pretty leaf or flower) on this photosensitive paper and expose it to the sun for a cool piece of keepsake art.

Star Wars Wind Up Toys

These little windup toys ($25) fit perfectly in stockings.

iPhone Charger Sticker Sets

With every teen sporting an iPhone this year, the easiest way to avoid losing identical chargers after sleepovers is to differentiate their charger with a cool sticker set ($13).

The Next Obsession

Fidget Spinners are so yesterday. Drop a Tumblstix into each stocking, and your kids will out of your hair learning new tricks for the rest of vacation. This new gadget challenges kids to use their balancing acts while giving them a serious hand-eye coordination workout. Bonus points for the light-up special effects.

Make a Match

This mini memory match game has 12 pairs of adorable illustrations of animals from all different kinds of habitats including farm, woodland, and safari—all on circular game pieces. Tucked away neatly in a little box, it’s a perfect stocking stuffer.

Finger Friends

This fingernail kit comes with 25 animal stickers that are perfectly sized for little digits. Look for tigers, pandas, monkeys and more!

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