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Hostess Gifts For Your Thanksgiving Host

Being the host for Thanksgiving dinner is no small undertaking – it takes a lot of thought, preparation, and sometimes a good chunk of money. If you’re not immediate family or close extended family, I think it’s nice to bring a small gift that either helps the host with the dinner, or is something special for him or her.

There’s a lot of things to consider – do you have to travel a long distance to for Thanksgiving, and if so, will you have access to your own transportation when you’re there? And do you ask the host what you should bring, or do you surprise them with something? The obvious answers that I can think of for gifts are a good bottle of wine or flowers, but something more creative would also be nice.

Wine Charms

A set of wine charms, like these colorful cat onescan be used on Thanksgiving and at many parties to come.

Wine Chiller

Need to quickly chill a bottle of white? Come to your hostess’s rescue with a Corkcicle Wine Chiller.

Bella Pantry Recipe Book

Divided into seven sections, this pretty hardcover book is ideal for preserving passed-down family recipes. It’s also bound with an interior spiral so the pages lay flat—making it easy for the multitasking chef to jot down notes while stirring dinner on the stove.

Mulling Spices

Here’s a gift that gives new meaning to the term “housewarming”: When simmered with apple cider or red wine, this blend of spices will fill your host’s home with the heady aroma of cinnamon, cloves, whole allspice berries, and orange peel. What could be more cozy?

Cheese Knives

These elegant knives will add sparkle and shine to a holiday cheese course.  They come as a set of three so you don’t have to use the same knife for the Cheddar and the Brie. Pair with a cheese board, or a selection of your own favorite cheeses, and you’ve got a hostess gift that’s anything but cheesy.

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