[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]FAQ – How To Wear Your isABelt

If you just received your isABelt product, you may be asking yourself some questions about how is the best way to wear my isABelt?

The instructional video below will show you the isABelt “invisible belt” basics.


How do I measure for sizing of the isABelt?
The isABelt is available in all sizes to accommodate everyone. The sizing is as follows:

  • Original (adjustable from size 2 up to 50″)
  • Small isABelt (fits size 0 up to size 6)
  • Medium isABelt (fits size 0 up to size 10)
  • Large isABelt (fits 0 up to size 14)
  • Plus (adjustable from size 2 up to 50″)
  • isABelt JRs one size fits most up to a junior size 12 (can adjust down to a childs 6/6x)
  • isABeltWide (fits size 2 up tp 50″)
  • isABeltWIDE Magnetic (fits size 2 up tp 50″)
  • isABeltFabricc (fits size 2 up tp 50″)

Part of the beauty of the isABelt product is the adjustability, all the sizes can be adjusted down to accommodate smaller sizes. When in doubt, always go for the larger size.

My isABelt tends to ride up:
This is a great question.

  1. Make sure your isABelt is NOT adjusted too tight. Part of the beauty of the isABelt is that it only needs to be a gentle “nip and tuck” for it to work its magic. If made TOO tight, it may rise above waistband.
  2. Another important thing to remember is to pull the isABelt to the base of the waistband. The 1/2” original can be notched UNDER most waistband seams.
  3. Notch part of the elastic UNDER your pant button. Just shift the interlocking clasp to one side and easily notch the plastic under the button. This helps to anchor in place

How do I adjust my isABelt?
The isABelt is specially designed with adjsuters that will not slip out of position after adjsuted. This is why it is very important to follow the instructions. Most important is to NOT ADJUST LIKE A BRA STRAP. You should either adjust the isABelt as described on the packaging, or as seen in the how to video. Adjsuting the isABelt is not complicated. If you feel confused by the instructions, you can always use the “push up, pull down” method. Just feed the elastic thru the adjusters and pull down. Do this to both sides until the desired support is achieved. Remember, part of the beauty of the isABelt, is once it is adjusted to your “custom” size, it wont slip out of place!

Can You Ship Internationally?

Yes, the IsABelt can be shipped internationally. The purchaser will incur cost of shipping and handling according to destination.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]