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isABelt ladies

Fashion trends are ever echoing the runway, with it’s stick-thin models and curve-less bodies. An impossible look that we shouldn’t celebrate. After all, once our knobby knees and lanky teenage years are over, how healthy is a runway body? For most of us, not so much.

The isABelt helps give women BACK their power. Wear those jeans and flaunt those curves without the belt buckle bulk. Back gap or underwear peek-a-boos? Fixed with isABelt! Need a belt that you can keep clipped and pull pants on and off? DONE with NEW isABelt FABRIC! Great low cut fashion shows more then you want? Bye bye “plumbers butt” with isABelt!

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The Perfect Travel Accessories

stealth mode

Perfect for both men and women while traveling on a plane or on any mode of transportation in which you may have to go through a metal detector. isABelt is the “must have” fashion accessory, used to keep your pants in place without all the hardware.

isABelt and isABeltWIDE are made from a strong, ecofriendly, TPU or new stretchy fabric. isABelt is your Travel-Ease answer ->NEVER remove your belt again! Even with the NEW Magnetic closure: isABelt has no more hardware than that button on your jeans. You can breeze through metal detectors and never have to take off your belt.