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Best Way To Spend Your Christmas Money

So, Christmas is over, you’re bored.  What on earth do you do with yourself?Spend that Christmas cash, of course. Well, assuming you did get wads of money for presents instead of Terry’s Chocolate Oranges like the rest of us.

For those lucky enough to have human ATMs for friends and family check out some of our ideas:

Pottery Barn Architectural Salvage Square Urn Lamp

Something for the home.  How often do we spend our money on clothing that gets ignored a month later, but hesitate on home purchases that last for years and longer? Two things that I spent money I stashed away on this year, were a lovely area rug and lamps from Pottery Barn. They made a huge difference in how my home felt and looked. They seriously upgraded everything. For the price of a coat, you can have a well-made lamp or rug. Think about how long you enjoy things you’ve bought for your home. Decades, sometimes right?

On the subject of coats, a coat! This is the time to buy a quality coat that will last. I’m speaking of wool, and well-made. One of my Christmas gifts was this year was a J Crew classic coat that I had my eye on. I hadn’t bought a wool coat in about 5 years and there is no mistaking what a good coat can do for your wardrobe. So worth it. I suggest a classic color like navy, camel, or grey. Sounds boring, but honestly, you’ll use it and love it a lot more. Neons seem fun now, but maybe not in 3 years, and a well-made coat lasts at least that long.

Talking of clothes, a quality sweater is a wonderful thing to get now. Have you noticed the quality of sweaters has gone down, even from some of the nicer stores? I have. So many are wool or cashmere blends with synthetics. You can’t see the weave on these garments and they feel very soft when they are bought. Well, give them a few weeks and they look awful. I’ve been nostalgic for the sweaters of the past with quality weaves and durability. Some of these old sweaters are still stalwarts of my closet.

I’ve been shopping around and one of the companies that is still making some quality sweaters is Ralph Lauren of course. Yes, they are hovering around the $100+ mark, but right now, many are also on sale.. At Bloomingdales I found this one above. I’m loving the quality. Yes, it’s part wool. Look for sweaters with the smallest amount of synthetics and a quality weave.

Something to upgrade your everyday living. Use your money on something you use daily. For me that was a new glass teapot. I’m loving it and for $21 and I wish I had bought one earlier. I used a chipped and cracked pot for 2 years now. Why? Don’t know.  I love seeing when my tea is steeped, it does a better job, looks so much prettier and that makes me happy too. Other items that improve your everyday life could be a better coffee maker, a new travel coffee cup, a good toaster or even new sheets or cashmere socks. Anything you use each day is worth the pennies spent and raises your quality of life!

A great cookbook. Now is the time to rethink your meal rotation. I know I’m dead bored of comfort food by this time and ready to eat lighter and healthier.I recommend and am inspired by The Kinfolk Table which has simple recipes for gatherings. I love the photos and ideas for getting together.

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