Before isABelt

After isABelt

Why isABelt is Better!

The isABelt Flat Belt, No Bulk came out of necessity for our own personal needs.

We were frustrated with constantly tugging and pulling our pants up after they'd stretch out shortly after getting dressed. We turned red every time our "wares" popped-out.

We were done with the days of using shoestrings, and other makeshift items to ease our frustration.

When we finalized our isABelt product, we knew we had created something that solved a UNIVERSAL problem, but had no idea how far reaching and important this product would become.

And….. we made sure isABelt does not add any
BELLY BULGE like traditional belts.

Before we invented the isABelt there was no solution available but now we can share that with you.

If you want to fix the belt bulk and have the sleek style and no bulk that our growing number of customers experience get your isABelt and look your best.

The isABelt Girls
Leslie, Elise and Lori